Style , Quality, & a Sense of Fun

The goal of Luscious is really to provide a quality product that is designed and produced in the USA, is affordable and also offer pieces that range from being pretty to offbeat.

It is truly a thrill when people not only choose to purchase Luscious for themselves, but buy it as gifts. After over 25 years in this business (boy that makes me feel old) I love to hear people tell me how much their friend/relative enjoyed receiving a piece of jewelry I designed.

100% Handmade by Moms and then some

Luscious is primarily made by other moms, that needed some additional income. I have been so fortunate to find some amazing people to produce my line, and in turn they are happy to have the flexibility and income. From time to time I also use teenage kids who ask me for money, no hand outs in this house!