Obsessed with jewelry so decided to design it



Style, Quality & a Sense of Fun

The goal of Luscious is really to provide a quality product that is designed and produced in the USA, is affordable and also offer pieces that range from being pretty to offbeat.

It is truly a thrill when people not only choose to purchase Luscious for themselves, but buy it as gifts. After over 25 years in this business (boy that makes me feel old) I love to hear people tell me how much their friend/relative enjoyed receiving a piece of jewelry I designed.

100% Handmade by Other Moms and then some

Luscious is primarily made by other moms, that needed some additional income. I  have been so fortunate to find some amazing people to produce my line, and in turn they are happy to have the flexibility and income. From time to time I also use teenage kids who ask me for money, no hand outs in this house!

There are frequently new designs, but because of my borderline tech skills (which leave me being frequently mocked) they don’t get uploaded as quickly as they should! So if you are looking for something just ask, and trust me, I am working on it.

I try to ship within 2-4 weeks, but there are definitely times when that goal is hard to meet, so feel free to let me know if something is a rush or you would like a partial order.

Last but not least…..My other Passions. I LOVE fashion, the outdoors and people watching (if I had more time I would read more as well) but the truth of it all is, that my time is limited and  outside of work and family, I choose to spend a lot of my time devoted to kids and animals. 

I  work with a wonderful charity called “Project Lemonade”, which is an agency that opens a “Free Store”, each summer  to kids (in Oregon) that are in the foster care system, so that when they are getting ready to go back to school, they have some new things to wear. You can google them, the work they do makes me so happy, my favorite part is when I work the store and get to see the kids get their stuff, what an awesome feeling.

And of course animals. I have rescued animals my entire life and wish I could have more, It is heartbreaking that so many animals are put to death each year because of overpopulation, so please consider the adoption option when looking for a pet, you won’t be disappointed.

““People have the power, to dream, to rule to wrestle the world from fools””

— Patti Smith

Shipping time is 2-4 weeks (but can run longer) . Please specify if you need a shorter turn around time and we will do our best to accommodate. Shipping is not included and will vary depending on weight, insurance and how fast you would like it.

All first orders require a credit card, terms will only be given by request and after 3 orders have been placed. Terms require credit references and can be terminated if payment is not received in a timely manner

Damages and shipment discrepancies need to be communicated within 14 days of receiving shipment

Reorder minimum is $100 needs to be emailed, faxed or texted,The margin of error is too great if orders are given verbally, so if you have questions, call, but when placing the order, please put it in writing. 

Items are often available in other colors (metal and bead) these requests can often be met with no additional cost. If you would like a necklace or bracelet made longer, additional costs may apply depending on length and chain.

I am a working mom (of two teenagers and two rescue dogs), so I feel really lucky that my career allows me to not just follow my passion, but live in a beautiful city. Added bonus… I can keep an eye on those two teenagers and barely avoid tripping over Porkchop & Taco Belle (the dogs) since the top floor of our vintage house is my studio